Secure, Personal, Medical Database

Make going to the doctor easier with the online medical database from Higginbotham Family Clinic. This system is designed to allow patients the freedom to view medical records while at home or in the event of an emergency while traveling.

Enter Patient Portal
Available 24/7 online, our patient portal is a simple system made to help patients with a variety of tasks, including canceling or keeping up with appointments, receiving email notifications, viewing lab results, and viewing medications or requesting refills. The patient portal also allows you to print parts of your medical history in case of emergency while traveling.  Smartphone users can access their portal through a free app called HEALOW, found in the App store or on Google Play.
You have the same access through your smartphone as you do on your personal computer or tablet.
When you register with us as a new patient and supply us with your email address, we sign you up for the patient portal system and provide you with your login information. Patients find this system much more convenient than having to call our office for any information, it helps us keep everything organized as well.

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